Lilou, Downtown’s French Brasserie, Details Announced

November 22, 2023

Aaron Thompson and Jessica King, owners of Brother Wolf and Osteria Stella in the Old City, have released details for their upcoming French brasserie, Lilou to be located at 428 South Gay Street, the location of their former bar, Sapphire. The couple has hired Chef Benjamin Tilatti, a native of southwest France to bring “contemporary interpretations of classic French dishes to the restaurant, with plans to open in January 2024.

Chef Benjamin’s creations will include dishes “inspired by culinary visionaries like Chef Bernard Loiseau, Chef Hélène Darroze, Chef Michel Sarran and Chef Pierre Gagnaire.” He grew up between Gascony and the Basque country in France will augment the traditional French dishes you might expect with recipes inspired by his grandmother’s cooking. As a child, he ate the fresh foods she prepared from the produce of their family farm.

“Chef Benjamin is upholding the brasserie’s tradition of simple dishes made with honest, local ingredients, prepared quickly and served in a convivial manner, complemented by a robust beverage program.” Chef worked his way through restaurants in Paris, Nouvelle Aquitaine, Biarritz/Toulouse and Montreal, ultimately owning and operating “Kinou, an acclaimed restaurant in Singapore specialized in Basque dishes from France’s southwest region, the Pays Basque,” prior to joining Lilou.