Ryan Gayle


A Jamaican native with a passion for mathematics and a knack for adapting to the ever-changing landscape of finance. After completing a Bachelor’s degree in Actuarial Science, Ryan moved to the United States in 2020, eager to apply his skills and knowledge in a new and challenging environment.

Ryan started as a General Manager at one of Ephant Group’s properties. However, it wasn’t long before his natural talent and enthusiasm propelled him into a new role as the company’s Accountant. As a fast learner with a keen eye for detail, Ryan has proven an invaluable asset to the team, bringing a unique blend of analytical expertise and business acumen. With a commitment to staying ahead of the curve in the fast-paced world of Real Estate Investment, Ryan is dedicated to driving growth and success for the company and its clients. Outside of work, Ryan can be found grooving to the rhythms of Reggae music and playing Chess.