Danielle Reva

Chief Operating Officer

Danielle Reva a Ohioan Native, started in the field of leadership at an early age taking on multiple leadership roles in extra curricular activities in high school. She continued to oversea clubs and organizations that she was part of in college, Graduating with a bachelors degree in business management and associates in communication at Lee University while in college Danielle started in hospitality and fell in love with the industry: When asked what is your love for the industry Danielle has said; “ One of the biggest parts of working in this field is the sense of appreciation you get from those around you. It’s always warming to hear how you’ve made someone’s day. This is where job satisfaction really kicks in – something that other sectors often lack.”

Since 2017 Danielle Reva has been using her creative vision and excellent insight into the company management to enhance operations as the chief operations officer of the Ephant Group.

Many of her current achievements result from hard work, Dedication and guidance by her mentor HD Patel. In her personal Life Danielle enjoys Art museums and traveling with her family!